Loose Liquorice

Loose Liquorice


      At Sweets 4 Me we have chosen the finest liquorice products for our store. 

      You may think of liquorice first and foremost as a sweet, in ‘allsorts’ of shapes and sizes, but it’s also a herbal medicine that’s been used traditionally for thousands of years. In fact, some liquorice-flavour sweets (mainly those in America) don’t actually contain any extract from the liquorice plant at all.  As well as being fun to eat Liquorice is a great for many health conditions - we also sell the Liquorice Root which many of you may remember!

      Our range is extensive as well as the traditional liquorice "allsorts", Torpedoes and Comfits we also sell an extensive range of Belgian and Dutch Liquorice including Triple and Double Salt (Zout).

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